Young Lions

Children between the ages of 7 to 12 years old, rapidly become aware of their physical and mental ability and regularly compare themselves with peers at school they are constantly drawn in situations which their physical and Mental strengths are challenged in different settings like sports, classroom, playgrounds etc. It’s imperative to reinforce Enshin philosophy and values day in day out to prepare them for these real life events. Our curriculum for this age group is more structured than little lions and is designed to push children physically and mentally to new limits so they can develop a sense of accomplishment. Also as they age they tend to challenge adults knowledge and test their values. Often parents are frustrated and become defensive. Here at Enshin we have integrated Japanese culture with scientific education methods to channel their curiosity and logic in a positive manner through our leadership program. Parents are amazed how delegation and responsibility can change a child’s mental image and influence their behavior.

Enshin Karate Kids Demonstration:

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