Little Lions Class

Our little lion’s program has been developed to teach  4 to 7 year old children basic principles of martial arts in a very amusing way . As we all know children in that age group have a  short attention span and perceive their surrounding not only through their basic senses but also through their imagination . Here at Enshin  we value the mental aspect  as well as the physical. That’s why we  have developed a unique system in which the principles of martial arts and Enshin  is simplified   and  taught in a tangible way. Through story telling our well trained  instructors teach  Enshin principles such as humility, respect, patience, discipline etc. in a fun and productive way.

                                                                          Young Lions Class

This class is for older students (7-13 years of age.) Beside regular martial arts training (including an introduction into traditional weapons) and teaching our students the timeless values of human interaction, we also offer this age group additional programs such as our leadership program where we teach our students to set and reach goals, to strive to be a reliable team member and a leader.

Adult Classes

Enshin Karate: Enshin Karate students are taught according to their level. Unlike some martial arts schools, we do not mix classes but instead offer high standards of instruction. We use different methods of teaching for different age groups and skill levels. There are several main reasons adult students are attracted to our Dojo:

1) Weight control: Enshin training is extremely dynamic and can be compared to a high intensity cardio workout. Our system, however, is more challenging and helps you develop a strong knowledge of human body mechanics and movement.

2) Self-Defense: Enshin Karate is one of the most practical styles of martial arts and helps you overcome any challenging situation. It is has a very unique and effective approach that distinguish it from and give it a strong advantage over other martial arts.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu: BJJ is a combat system that focuses on grappling and ground fighting. Brought to Brazil as an adaptation of Judo, BJJ came into its own art form through hundreds of thousands of hours of practice and experimentation to turn it into one of the best methods of self-defense for one on one combat ever created. It is like a chess game with your body.

Kaizen MMA has instructors and classes that will suit your Jiu-jitsu needs. Our emphasis, however, is on proper technique. Whether you want to develop your BJJ game for self-defense or sport, we believe that absolute precision in your technique is essential for its execution. Although our academy has been incredibly successful at world class grappling and sport jiu-jitsu tournaments, our focus is on practical Jiu-jitsu that will be used in any situation.

Our classes typically consist of warm-ups, learning new techniques, drilling existing technique, and then live rolling. We offer both go (uniform) as well as no-go classes. To learn more about our instructors credentials please visit our website. For more info please go to

Muay Thai: A combat sport from Thailand, Muay Thai represents one of the most effective combat and self-defense martial arts. Often referred to as “The Art of Eight Limbs,” Muay Thai teaches how to make effective martial use of your hands, feet, elbows, and knees.

Kaizen MMA has a great diversity of coaches, who teach traditional Muay Thai, Dutch Kickboxing as well as Japanese style of Kick Boxing. Our coaches have won national championships and competed in the highest levels of the sport versus some of the fiercest competition, including K-1 (the most prestigious kickboxing organization) tournament finalists.

Whether your goal is to become an accomplished Thai fighter, mixed martial artist, self-defense expert, or even just get in shape, we will help you accomplish your goal. Our classes teach a wide range of techniques, and put together with conditioning drills, make it a beneficial experience for everyone from novice to trained fighters. For those who are looking for more of a challenge, we have invite-only sparring classes, to help those who are preparing for fights. For more info please go to