Academics Camp

We offer a full day academics camp for elementary school-aged kids. This camp provides a full academic schedule including art class, PE, virtual field trips, and an in-person teacher to assist your child with their schoolwork.
We adhere to CDC social distancing guidelines in addition to daily temperature checks and mask wearing.
Please take our virtual tour for more information about our facility and COVID-19 procedures: Click Here
Kaizen MMA academics camp runs Monday through Friday, 8am-5:30pm with flexible drop off and pick up times.
The focus of this camp is academics, not martial arts. Here are the core elements of our academics camp:
Supervised Online Learning
We anticipate that the Fairfax County School District will provide Virtual class time Tuesday through Friday. Our teachers and instructors will monitor and assist the kids during this time to make sure each child is focused and participating in their school activities. We will keep track of students’ homework assignments and follow up with them to make sure they are completed and submitted to their FCPS teachers this way parents don’t have to work too hard after a long day of work when they pick up their children.
In-Person Teacher Instruction
We have a teacher on staff to help in-person with the children’s schoolwork. The teacher will tutor children one-on-one as needed throughout the day.
Arts and Crafts
Kids will complete art projects throughout the week. We will provide the art project instructions and art supplies!
Physical Education (PE)
We will have at least one hour of PE activities a day! These activities will include martial arts in addition to other sports, conditioning exercises, and athletic games.
Daily Individual Reading Time (DIRT Time)
Children read quietly on their own for a set amount of time. No electronics!
Outdoor Recess (Weather permitting)
As the weather permits, we will take the kids outside for at least one hour per day to get some fresh air and stretch their legs! We will go to local parks and nature trails where the kids can safely social distance.
Supplemental Educational Activities
We provide additional academic classes and assignments in partnership with a kids’ online academy IN ADDITION to the FCPS school curriculum. We provide weekly online interactive classes on fun topics such as The History of Pets or Holidays Around the World.
Virtual Field Trips
We offer virtual field trips to destinations around the world and even in outer space! These destinations include:
  • Buckingham Palace
  • NFL Hall of Fame
  • American Museum of Natural History
  • Ellis Island in NYC
  • M&Ms Factory Tour
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • The International Space Station!
  • And more!

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