What is Karate



Karate is often a misunderstood art. More than breaking blocks of wood and mastering the high kicks of self defense, it’s about discipline. And one cannot understand discipline without becoming somewhat adept at self-discipline. If we want our children to grow up embracing the virtues of self-control, respect, and confidence in themselves, then it is we as parents who have to demonstrate those same qualities to our children, and do so from about the age that they begin to walk.

Our kids learn to quit teams and music lessons, art classes and after school programs. Sometimes it is necessary, but sometimes they are bored or don’t like the coach or would just rather play video games at home. Deciding when to let your kids quit something, be it Gymboree, Little League or SAT prep, is a question that never goes away.

“The first time I let them walk away from something just because at that moment it didn’t suit them was the last time I had any credibility about endurance or resilience because the refrain henceforth would have been, “But you let me quit….”

We all have had experiences where we have given up early on something we wish we did not. We regret those experiences so let’s change that for our kids. We can let them build on that discipline to never give up and always persevere because our kids are not quitters. They want to be successful, they want to do karate, you want them to be successful, you want them to do karate. We do not want our kids to ever give up.