About Enshin



Enshin is derived from two Japanese words: “en” meaning ‘open or unfinished circle’ and “shin” meaning ‘heart’ or ‘inner.’ The combination of these two words and their meanings embody the most important aspects of Enshin Karate. The ‘inner circle’ of Enshin Karate represents the strong bonds that keep us together.

The strength of this organization depends on the ability of each of us to listen to our hearts, and to relate to others through it. The circle is the essence of the strategy and movement in Enshin Karate.

The Enshin circle is an open circle.It is not complete, although it strives to be. It represents the idea that our challenge is never finished, although we are always working towards making it so. This unfinished state is a source of motivation and it reminds us that perfection is to be aimed for even if it cannot be achieved. The middle ring in our logo represents the cycle that is the essence of our training as well as life. In training we begin as a white belt, and move through the darkening belts before becoming a black belt.
When we achieve the black belt we begin anew. So, too, in life. Each goal we reach marks a new beginning. The Enshin Karate-do is not the only Way. But we believe very strongly in it. It is our wish to offer Enshin Karate to anyone whose heart and mind believes with us in this Way. Then, together, we can all work to finish the circle.

Grand Master of Enshin Karate Joko Ninimiya: