About our After School Care Program

Afterschool programs are important for children. According to a Harvard Family Research Project, children and youth who participate in after-school programs experience benefits in not only their academic and social lives, but also in their physical and emotional health. *We have run our after-school program for over 10 years and have many success stories from it. We are so confident that your children will enjoy it that we offer a monthly membership to earn your trust and ensure that you have made the right decision for your child

Why Enshin Karate After School?

  • Free transportation provided from local schools
  • Supervised homework time with assistance of LCP School Elementary Teacher
  • Well Trained CPR and First Aids certified staff
  • 18 new safety features on our brand new buses to meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS)
  • Newly upgraded and clean facilities with high end equipments
  • Full day program on most school days off
  • Daily martial arts classes, providing your child with character building education AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM

On a typical day we pick up our students at their schools per regular or early dismissal schedule and transport them to our Dojo (Karate studio). They then change into their uniforms,
store their belongings and have about 45 minutes to an hour for snack and homework. Prior to the Karate class we have a discussion about a human value (Respect, Gratitude,
Concentration, ect.) or personal skill. During the class we include a fun game or a physical activity. In our program the approach we take is that of education rather than entertainment. Our structured curriculum combined with our effective training approach sets us apart from other martial arts schools. The program ends with a modern practical Karate class and students can be picked up between 5:30 PM – 6:00 PM. We are open on most weekdays that the schools have off, including liberal holidays, teacher work days also including inclement weather related closings and winter/spring and summer breaks. Please note that we are a martial arts school and not a child care provider!

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