Enshin is an incredibly effective martial art; moreover, it’s a practical style that anyone can use if trained properly. At Enshin Karate, you can be sure that you will be trained properly. The instructors are knowledgeable and passionate about their craft and it shows in the way that they teach. They care about every single student, pushing everyone to be the best that they can be.

Before I found Enshin, I was an extremely negative person. I had few friends and was often bullied. When I began my journey in Enshin, I was reluctant, timid and had a poor body image. I thought that no one could accept me. Within a few short weeks at Enshin, I began to change physically and mentally. Gone was my old negativity and low self-esteem. I realized that at Enshin, the only person who didn’t accept me was me! Everyone at Enshin is genuinely supportive and caring. They accepted me with open arms, and made me realize that I could accept myself and others with the same enthusiasm.

Enshin Karate has given me a second home, a second family and a second chance to look at life differently. I know that if I could turn my outlook and the direction of my life completely around, then anyone else can come to Enshin and do the same.  Enshin has been worth every second and every cent spent on it. I couldn’t be more grateful for my journey in Enshin, and it has only just begun.

  • Indu R.

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