Why Enshin

 Taekwondo: As often seen in Taekwondo training and competition, kicks are the primary technique in this style. It is only suitable for a far range of combat when you can kick your opponent and stay away. Taekwondo is extremely vulnerable in close combat where a practitioner is within the reach of punches. It is totally useless in a small space like an elevator or when one gets involved in a grabbing/grappling situation.

Traditional Karate: Mostly teaches ancient linear rigid impractical movements and techniques. Usually it is limited to relatively weak punches and kicks only that can be easily blocked or evaded.

 Judo and Jujitsu: These styles are mostly developed for a close range situation and are useless till one can grab an opponent. Grabbing, throwing, but not punches or kicks.

 Boxing: A very good and dynamic fighting approach that is limited to punching only. It lacks kicks and grabbing control of an opponent.


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